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New Little Monster Review by Mama Papa Barn

Posted by Little Monsters on 3/5/2013 to Reviews
Taken from Mama Papa Barn: 

 "Little Monsters motto is 'Even Little Monsters Deserve Cute Butts!' I totally agree. These diapers are business on the front and party on the back. Lots of cute appliques, from ladybugs, flowers and butterflies to various monsters can be found on the back while the front is solid colored and serene. And even if you don't like monsters and designs (really, you don't? I don't believe that!) you can find colored monster diapers as well. 

We received the Blue Monkey diaper to try out. The monkey face is larger than I expected and totally cute and fun. Tubby was gaga over this monkey diaper as soon as he saw it. It comes with one microfiber insert. "

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Jessica Cali Date 6/15/2013
Hello, My name is Jessica Cali & I am a 28 (almost 29) year old Stay at Home Mom of 2 boys who are almost 7 & almost 5, along with a little girl who was born in March of 2013. I enjoy reviewing children products along with products for parents also! I blog over at Words of a SAHM ( and I would love to work with your company on a review and possible giveaway! I love the look of your cloth diapers. I enjoy reviewing products to let people know how they are & what my
Rachel Costello Date 7/23/2013
This is the cutest diaper!
Katrina Date 7/25/2013
I love my Little Monster Pocket Diapers, They are so soft and absorbent and I want every boyish one you have. I NEED the monkey one :)
Katie Date 7/26/2013
I love my little monsters diapers! I have 3 of them and my favorite one has to be the giraffe one. I can't wait to get more and build up my stash.
Katie R Date 7/29/2013
I love the lion and the monkey. Very Cute!
Connie Crummie Date 8/7/2013
It is hard to choose a favorite when all are great looking diapers. I am partial to lions but I think my grandson would look handsome in the dino one. So I pick them all!!! :)
Amy Date 8/7/2013
I love the owl and giraffe
Hollace Shear Date 8/7/2013
I have never tried these but the designs are super cute and would love to get one free!
Angela G Date 8/16/2013
I think the frog, penguin friends, twinkle star, and koala are SUPER CUTE!
tanna Date 8/19/2013
I love the diaper with the sheep on it! It is absolutely adorable!
julia Date 8/21/2013
It's so hard to choose the cutest between the giraffee and the twinkle star or even the sheep and turtle! They are all just so amazingly adorable!
Katie H Date 8/21/2013
I love love love the octopus!
Chelsea Hartman Date 11/4/2013
So hard to pick one!! I love the Penguins, turtle, octopus, giraffe, koala... they're just all sooo cute!!
Christina Date 11/9/2013
Our go to favorite is the Penguin friends Diaper! We own lots of cloth diapers but Little Monsters is our top pick and we recommend them to all our friends. We even have Little Monster Diapers on my LO's Christmas list.
stephanie v Date 11/3/2014
I just wanted to say that I truly love these diapers they are my favorites. I have several now and wish to buy more but that would sort of be passing my budget. But anyway I absolutely love how cute they are and out of all my pockets I feel this one is the best fit I love the microfleece liner versus the suede, the liner on these diapers have always cleaned off well and have had no staining. They are generously sized room to add more inserts to add absorbancy and to top it all off then are so darn cute. So cute that I don't even mind putting the boy colors on my baby girl I love them that much. Just buy one and try them out you will not regret it
Janette Date 6/23/2015
I think the turtle is my favorite, but there are so many cute ones!
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