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Little Monsters Review- Home Sweet Homemade

Posted by Little Monsters on 10/21/2014 to Reviews
When we started using cloth diapers it wasn't because we were trying to be green or trendy. It was because we needed to SAVE some green!

Sure, cloth diapers require a larger up front investment, but they definitely save you money in the long run over disposables. Instead of tossing them in the trash, you wash and reuse them! So yes, they are green AND save you some "green"! 

The most recent addition to my green savin' diaper stash is from Little Monsters Cloth Diapers. Oh. My. Heart. The first time I put this diaper on my daughter I texted my husband and informed him that I was in "need" of all new diapers!! I'm sure he didn't find that as amusing as I did! But seriously, these diapers are stinking adorable!

I received the "Sheep" diaper for this review. It is a white diaper with an adorable lamb embroidered on the bum. Not into sheep? Not to worry! Little Monsters has something for everyone! Some of my favorites are Giraffe, Penguin Friends and Koala. So cute! They also offer several solid colors with no embroidery. 

Little Monsters diapers are a one size diaper geared towards 9-35lbs. They feature a snap down rise and cross over snaps so you can really customize the fit to your baby. I love how well this diaper fits my chunky 7 month old! She is currently on the third row of rise snaps and still has plenty of room to grow!

This is a pocket diaper which means you "stuff" it with an insert. The diaper arrived with a microfiber insert which I found to be very adequate for my daughter. Of course, if you prefer natural fiber inserts you can always use a different insert! I love the double elastic at the pocket opening. I only have one other brand of diapers with that feature and I find it to be very effective at holding in the mess. I do find that the pocket opening on this diaper is a little small. It's something that I got used to, but someone with larger hands might have trouble stuffing the diaper. 

Stuffed with two inserts the Little Monsters diaper performed beautifully overnight. It wasn't overly bulky when stuffed with two inserts either! That was a pleasant surprise! The inside of the diaper is lined with a soft micro fleece to keep your baby feeling dry. 

You can purchase a Little Monsters Back Monster diaper with one insert for $22.99. That doesn't exactly make it a budget option, but if you're looking for a super cute, great quality diaper they are definitely worth the splurge! I would *happily* add several more to my stash!

Here's a quick wrap up of my thoughts:

What I LOVED -

*Adorable* embroidery
Great fit
Sturdy snaps
One size diaper/snap down rise 
Ease of use
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