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  • What is the size range of your diapers? The Little Monsters diapers fit approximately 9-35+ lbs. Our diapers have a snap system that allows for an Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large size in one diaper! That way you have less diapers to buy! 
  • Do you have to pre wash the diapers and reusable inserts until they are absorbent? Yes, you have to wash and dry the diapers and inserts three times, but that is all and they will immediately start giving the requested absorbency
  • Are inserts included in your diapers? Yes, every diaper comes with one insert. We do, however, suggest buying a couple additional inserts to boost absorbency at night and for heavy wetters. 
  • How many inserts do I need? The number of inserts you need depends on the age of your baby and the time you want to go between diaper changes. For babies less than a year or so, one insert during the day should be fine for diaper changes every couple hours. We recommend adding an additional insert at night (or if you are lax about night-time diaper changes, try a total of three). For toddlers, we recommend two inserts during the day and three at night. 
  • Do I have to handwash your diapers?No! You can actually wash them in the washer/dryer as long as you use the right detergent and NEVER dry on high. Do not use bleach or detergents with enzymes or whiteners. 
  • Where are your diapers made? Little Monsters diapers operates and creates their wonderful designs in the U.S.A The diapers are fairly made overseas in China. 
  • What is your return policy? We accept un-used returns within 7 days of the purchase date, and will issue a refund (less the actual cost of shipping) when we receive the merchandise and verify that it is unused and in new, original condition. If you would like to return your diapers please contact us first. Diapers sent back without authorization email will not be issued a refund.

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